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I almost didn’t wear my planned bracelet on Mother’s Day because the original outfit that I put on that day didn’t quite seem right for the bracelet. I really wanted to wear my X by Trollbeads bracelet with the Karma link that I received for Mother’s Day, so I briefly entertained pairing my X bracelet with my Pandora bracelet since they share similar tones, but after debating it I decided to stick with my “Mother’s Day” bracelet and I changed my outfit. Afterwards, I reflect that my Pandora bracelet really would have been just as appropriate since it has evolved into my family bracelet anyway!

While I mix many of my Pandora beads into other bracelets, I don’t often feature my Pandora bracelet because I only have one and although it’s the first that I started, it has been much more slow going than my others. Early on I was collecting every bead that caught my eye but I finally settled into creating a two-tone bracelet and while I love the slight contrast between the two colours, the higher price tags have slowed my acquisition of charms for it. At least I don’t have a taste for the gold! After the limited edition redbalifrog brass Endless Love charms debuted I considered getting one as a way to add some contrast and help grow my bracelet, but ultimately missed out on them since they sold out so quickly. I really hope that Amanda sees success with the brass beads and brings more out in the future!

My Pandora bracelet is a bit different than my others in one regard: it has no glass beads on it. It’s my only all-metal bracelet (other than my X by Trollbeads bracelet, which is so close to being done it’s driving me a bit bonkers!) which means that I usually find myself wearing it when I’m looking for a bracelet that doesn’t stand out as much as my more glass-centric ones or when I’m looking for something a bit dressier. It also feels visually “heavier” so it doesn’t get out as much in the warmer months. In Canada, that still leaves quite a few months to wear it! :D


  1. I had to laugh that you’d changed your outfit to match your bracelet as this is something I’ve done, or planned my outfit around the bracelet I wanted to wear!

    I do like your two tone beads, I’m not a gold fan myself but like two tone designs and love the RBF brass and the X bronze, we’ve had the plumbers in this last 2 weeks and I was eyeing up all the copper piping!

    Hope you had a lovely day!

    Mars xx

    1. I often will plan my outfit around whatever bracelet I feel like wearing that day, but to take it one step further and actually change my outfit to keep the bracelet seemed odd for some reason :D I’m happy that I was able to wear the bracelet though.

      Mostly I just can’t justify the price of the gold beads, I always think about how many more beads I could buy for the price of just that one bead. The brass beads were quite tempting though so I’m very much hoping that Amanda expands the options. With how quickly they seem to have sold out, I imagine that we’re not the only ones who are fans of them!

      Copper would be a very interesting material though … ;)

  2. If you keep an eye on my blog this week I plan to post an EPIC article on the silver ring making workshop I covered last month.

    Although they students made their final pieces in silver they practised with copper, I mean I know it’s not the best for jewellery but I do love the finish on it!!

    Mars xx

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