Sweet as can bee

I wasn’t too keen on the critter beads when they first came out, but this little bee recently caught my eye and something kept bringing me back to him. After my third or fourth “second look”, I started to really think about whether I would use him enough to justify jumping him to the top of an already long wish list. My first instinct was to try him with my other lime green beads for a fun Spring/Summer mix, but in short order I had dreamed up a combination with a Bee on Hive (which I didn’t have), my citrine, and my bumpy brown unique, and then just as quickly had negotiated a trade for the Bee on Hive and took that as a sign that the glass bee was meant to be mine! :D

And then the waiting began.

Because, of course, things take a while to get to Canada. So while I waited for the Bee on Hive and bee to wing their way here, I started to worry that what seemed to work in my head wouldn’t translate as well in reality – and it didn’t quite – but I’m still pleased with my new little guy now that he’s arrived. The bumpy unique, which I had pictured representing the honeycomb, was one of the things that didn’t translate as well, but I think it still works with the pattern on the Bee on Hive. The citrine, which I imagined representing beeswax, ended up being far too light for the combination so I substituted in one of my ambers in a shade that reminds me of honey and that matches the bee nicely.

One deviation that was planned was the placement of the silver off-centre, my attempt at breaking away from my go-to symmetrical combinations and trying something new. I’m not completely convinced, but so far the world hasn’t ended, although we have had colder temperatures the last few days ….

Did you fall under the spell of any of the critter beads? Has there been another bead that took you a while to come around to after initially dismissing it?

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