Softening my resolve

Having assessed my bead resolutions for the first half of the year (1,2,3), I’ve been thinking about how I’ll be spending the second half of the year. It’s taken me an extra month to finish the list, but here they are:

  1. Finish my resolution to make a bead.
  2. Finish my X by Trollbeads silver/bronze bracelet (only 1 link away!)
  3. Do something with my cracked World Tour Baltic States amber

You may have noticed that, although I have the same number of resolutions, they aren’t quite as ambitious as my plans for the first half of the year. The summer months and into September are pretty busy for our family, so it didn’t feel like I have half a year to complete the goals (may I also refer you to the fact that it took me an extra month to even write them!) and I opted to go with what I felt were realistic goals for the remaining five months. I also have two themed bracelets that I’m thinking of, but I still have to acquire most of the beads for them so I didn’t feel that I could reasonably put them on my resolution list since I also want to make sure that I’m keeping my spending in check. I originally had “Procure a Chess Lock” on my list but while I was still drafting my list, one fell in my lap. ;)

The first goal is a bit of an obvious one: I didn’t complete my bead-making resolution from the first half of the year, so it was a no-brainer to roll this over for the second half. I feel like I might end up cutting it a bit tight since I’m still working through ideas, but I’m determined that it will not roll any further than this year! :D In the next few weeks I will be ordering the torch that I need, since I can’t source it locally, and by then I will hopefully have had a chance to work through a few of the ideas that I have in my head to see if they are viable.

The second is admittedly a bit of an easy goal, but hopefully by committing to it here, it will enable me to complete my all-metal X by Trollbeads bracelet. Really, one link is so close, but it’s been one link short for months now. That one remaining rubber link is taunting me a bit! I have held off to see whether the next X by Trollbeads release will change my wish list at all, and with the reviews of the Fall and Halloween releases on Endangered Trolls today I can see that I have quite a bit of thinking to do! Between the new links coming out and the ones that were on my wish list before, I really have no excuse not to finish it, the hard part will be narrowing down what to get first!

The third is another “Just git ‘er done!” goal, since my amber has been cracked for over a year now and I haven’t done much to see if it is salvageable or not. By the end of the year I hope to have it in a wearable state, or make the decision to just bin it.

So, three goals, five months. I can do it!

I know that Mars over at Curling Stones for Lego people has a few resolutions on the go as well, but anyone else finding a need to set some goals for themselves this year? And if you set year-long goals at the beginning of the year, have they changed at all?


  1. Love the photo you used for this post!

    I’m holding my breath to see how my morphed goal to spend less on jewellery than I’ve saved for other things will turn out… I’m winning at the moment but the margins are getting tighter and we still have over 4 months to go and a couple of killer collections!

    Writing them down though definitely keeps me focussed more than if I didn’t set them, so even if I don’t quite make it, I’m sure it would have been worse if I hadn’t tried.

    Mars xx

    1. Thanks! I do love the rubber links as a look, but that single one on my metal bracelet is like my little black nemesis so it seemed fitting to highlight it :D

      I agree about writing it down making a bit of a difference. It still doesn’t always stop the gut-reaction buy when I see a unique bead that grabs my heart (or an amber, maybe, in your case!) or the “I’d be silly not to buy it!” purchases in clearance sales, but I figure that even a bit of help in curbing my off-track spending is better than nothing. I just went through my wish lists again to review/reprioritize now that I have some more ideas for my theme bracelets and now that I’ve had some more time to digest the beads from the new release. Thankfully a few got moved from my “want” list to my “Want, but in the future” list so that will hopefully help focus my spending over the next few months. And then we have a whole new year to look forward to ;)

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