Undying love

I didn’t intend for Ohm Beads’ Love Hurts to end up on my zombie bracelet*, but when it arrived it told me that’s where it wanted it be. And it was right: it fit in so perfectly that it hasn’t had a chance to grace any other combinations in the two months since I got it and I don’t foresee it going anywhere else in the upcoming months either. The patchwork of cracks and scars on it blends in wonderfully with the feel of the two tupilak beads, and it inspired me to add the This Too bead to this bracelet as a fun nod to the fact that zombies have, of course, passed away.

I’m quite pleased with how the bracelet is turning out! It isn’t finished yet but has grown nicely over the last few months despite the fact that I’m not actively seeking out beads for it. The latest bead to be added to it is the pale green and brown python at the centre, a bead that originally acted as the focal bead on my woodland bracelet before being ousted by the redbalifrog Tomte bead. In that case, the python was bumped off the bracelet entirely as I didn’t have another glass bead to pair it with, and it has mostly languished in my bead box since then, loved but seldom worn. I’m not sure why it took me so long to try it on this bracelet, but I was happy when it found a home here, even if it bumped the Love Hurts bead out of the centre spot that it had occupied since its arrival. To balance out the silvers in this new configuration, I’ve temporarily added the Endless bead (another nod towards the undying nature of zombies), but hope to find something else that works a bit better in the future. If Ohm Beads comes out with a zombie or brain bead, I might be set ;)

I’m still finding the colour scheme of this bracelet to be a bit of a challenge since I don’t want it to be gory, but want it to have a zombie feel. The last few beads have been a bit more brown, but I’m enjoying the paler greens/muddy yellows that are at the front so I think it will grow in that direction in the future. I do keep wondering if it needs at least one bead with red on it since zombies are undeniably linked with bloodlust. I guess I’ll just have to see if the right one comes my way! And in the meantime, I’l continue to enjoy my little homage to the undead. :D

* I actually broke my “figure out where you’ll use it before you buy it” rule for the Love Hurts bead since I had no clue where it was going to go before it showed up, but I’m glad that I did!


  1. What a cute idea. I love the color scheme for your zombie bracelet. It’s perfect! Your glass bead to the left of your munching tupilak actually reminds me of a decayed brain, so he is eating brains! I’m not actually sure you want to have red in there. Rusty brown for dried blood would work really well I think. Does your city have a Zombie Walk?

    1. Thank you :) I hadn’t thought of the Wild Cat looking like a brain, but now that you mention it, it does! :D

      I’m torn about the red too. I don’t want it to be too prominent or clash with the olive greens, I was thinking of a bead that was primarily green or brown and had just a hint of red on it (like the bead had a bite mark :D). I like your idea about the rusty brown too, I’ll have to keep my eyes open for something like that. :) The silvers have been the harder part of this bracelet since there aren’t many true zombie beads (that I can find, at least). I’ve found a few on Etsy, but they aren’t made for charm bracelets. I’m pretty happy with the ones I have so far, so that at least quells the “Need to find something NOW!” urge for me and I can just let the bracelet grow as I do come across beads. :)

      We do have a zombie walk, but we’ve always had something else already that day so we’ve never been able to make it out to see it. I had a few friends who did the walk one year though, they loved it! Have you ever seen or done one? We also had two friends participate in a zombie race – one was “zombie bait” so that the racers could complete the course without being taken :D

  2. I haven’t participated in the Zombie Walk, but I have seen part of it. I was waiting in line for a show when a few zombies walked past. And then I saw more! It was awesome. Lots of participants and they remained in character the whole time. Saw a Zombie Mario even. :) This was a long time ago B.K. (Before Kids) haven’t gone to see a show in awhile, although my city does do it yearly.

    Oh and I don’t know if you saw this already but

    I just stumbled across while googling brain bead charms. I was curious as to what options were out there.

    1. Ooh, that is a fun brain bead Enaktra, thanks for the link! :)

      Kids have also kept us back a bit, but since we’ve never been available anyway, it’s been a moot point for us. My husband has a great love for zombies, so I’m sure we’ll hit it one day. Perhaps I should start lining up the babysitting now :D

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