It’s beginning to look at a lot like … Winter

My husband hung our outdoor Christmas lights a little over a week ago, knowing that the temperatures would be dropping significantly last week and staying low. We don’t usually turn them on until December 1, but he didn’t want to be climbing on the roof once the snow started to stick around. Ever since the outdoor lights went up though, I’ve been itching to get our indoor Christmas decorations up too! I know that it’s too early, so I’ve held off. But I have started eying up our “festive” decorations – the ones that aren’t quite Christmas decorations, but that only get put up this time of year – as a way of cheating without cheating. I’ve already hung our Winter wreath, and I suspect that a few of our snowmen decorations may make an appearance in the next few days.

I have no desire to put together my Christmas bracelets just yet, but I still wanted something to reflect the lead-up to Christmas. So, I began looking at my “festive” beads – the ones that aren’t quite Christmas beads, but usually end up on my Christmas bracelets –  to help tide me over. With the early snowfall that we received this year, a few whites were mandatory. And Cozy was perfect to reflect the falling temperatures and the sweaters that I suddenly find myself wrapped in. The problem: I don’t really have festive silvers. After poking through most of my silvers, I decided to give in and go (almost) all out. I pulled out Sugar Sleigh Ride. Sure, it may be Santa’s sleigh, but Jack and Tom make sure that the bead still straddles the “festive” line. I initially resisted adding the Snow bead, but after waking up this morning to more snow, it had to be added.

I guess it’s a bit fitting that I ended up with a Santa bead for my transitional bracelet. We also totally cheated on the Christmas lights and turned them on three days ago!


    1. Thanks! With the early snow and low temperatures this year, I think the whites and Snow are going to get quite a bit of use! :D We’re currently experiencing averages that are more like mid-January instead of mid-November. I’m a little afraid to see what mid-January will be like. I may need to mix in a few “warm fire” beads to help boost my spirits!

      1. Mine will have it’s debut on 1st Dec, it’s been made up for a while but I decided to wait to show it on the blog and I absolutely adore it :D

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