Oooey, gooey goodness

One of my favourite things when camping is making s’mores on the campfire. There’s something irresistible about the combination. Gooey marshmallow and chocolate, squished between crisp graham crackers … how can you go wrong?!?

But, I seem to have lost my s’mores mojo. I can toast the marshmallow to perfection, then it all falls apart when I try to melt the chocolate. All thanks to two little people constantly demanding that I keep up with their marshmallow addictions. I can’t just hand the bag of marshmallows over to them because they have no self control. But melting the chocolate properly requires more attention than they allow me to give it. I’ve tried balancing the graham cracker and chocolate on the edge of the fire pit so that it doesn’t require the same amount of TLC, but I haven’t found the sweet spot so that the graham cracker doesn’t get too crispy before the chocolate melts sufficiently. To be honest, this summer I had just about given up on the idea of s’mores.

And then, I discovered skillet s’mores.

I can’t quite remember how I stumbled upon these indoor s’mores, but they have filled the s’mores gap and more! I make mine in tiny ramekins, so each ends up being an individual serving. With the cold weather settling in, I’ve started craving these again.

I was originally going to try for a combination without any silvers, but the Transformation bead reminded me of marshmallows squished between the graham crackers so I had to include it.

Now, if I could only figure out how to make them like this on the campfire!


  1. I didn’t even see the bangle initially I was too intrigued by strange words s’mores graham crackers and feeling hungry!

    I’m going to investigate more on the internet!

    (Lovely bangle by the way, totally goes with your food!)

    Mars xx

    1. Thanks :D It is a bit of a silly place to find inspiration, but sometimes I like a bracelet that just makes me smile!

      I’m surprised that s’mores aren’t a thing in the UK! Once you try them, you may feel a little bad that you’ve missed out on them until now. Or maybe you’ll think that they’re the grossest, messiest concoction you’ve ever seen. :D Over the campfire they can be a bit messy, but baked in a container like this they tend to be a bit more refined, but still with all of the same great taste! I guess it would also depend on whether you like marshmallows or not. :D

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