Good enough to eat!

The first time I tried sushi, I didn’t know what wasabi was. I ate the entire side of wasabi in one bite.


I’ve certainly learned quite a bit since then. I’ve learned the difference between maki, sushi, and sashimi (or at least what those terms mean in North America). I’ve learned which fish I prefer. And, I’ve learned to appreciate wasabi in appropriate amounts!

Sushi is one of our go-to foods. We have it to celebrate special occasions. Or just because we crave it. Our kids even love it – or a form of it, at least. Our oldest has tried salmon, but they’re happy as long as there’s mounds of avocado sushi. It’s even become a comfort food for them. If they’re not feeling well, sushi often perks them up.

I started this as a bangle. Given my rough start with wasabi, the China Green Jade was the first bead I picked; I firmly believe in laughing at my mistakes! The Wood Sprite was perfect for the nori, and the irregular surface of the White Coral reminded me of the texture of the rice. Neither Fish nor Fowl worked to represent the fish. And, although I don’t use the ginger that comes on the side of sushi platters, the bracelet felt unfinished without it. Coral Bubbles filled that spot perfectly.

Then I kept thinking of more beads to represent the different parts of the maki (rolls) and sushi. Bacon for the crab. Scarlet Armadillo for the tuna. The goldstone for the salmon. The Green Armadillo isn’t quite the right shade for avocado, but it still gives me the feeling I was going for. I added the second White Coral and the Dark Soul to balance out the other beads.


All I need now is my own Sushi bead (I borrowed this one from my friend’s birthday gift. Shhhhh. ;)), and maybe another fish. That little guy isn’t big enough to feed anyone!

Sadly, my youngest recently made her own wasabi mistake. We were out with friends for lunch when she mistook the wasabi for avacado. Before I could stop her, she grabbed the entire wad and stuffed it in her mouth.



  1. Love the concept behing this bracelet and great photo as always… I do love your header photos!!

    I had sushi yesterday but the packet lunchtime stuff… it’s my go to if I need a quick boost… had been playing with the torch all afternoon and hadn’t had lunch so was dropping on my feet. Checkout girl asked if I wanted a bag for it, said no I’m going to be stuffing this in my face as soon as I’ve paid for it :D I did at least wait until I got back to my car.

    I don’t like wasabi though, too much for me even in small amounts!

    Mars xx

    1. Mmm … I’m going for sushi tomorrow (and my friend will finally get her sushi bead!) And then we have sushi plans again on Tuesday … I may have to recreate this bracelet for that! Minus the silver sushi bead (still gotta get my own … )

      I’m excited to see more of the outcomes of your torch playing! The teasers on twitter have been great – looks like you are having fun! :)

  2. Yummy! I love sushi myself. Luckily have never eaten a big chunk wasabi. Maybe if I have a really bad cold. Will clear out my sinuses. hehe. Have you tried the Lay’s Wasabi and Ginger Kettle crisps? I rather like it.

    1. I tend to be pretty generous with my wasabi portions. Perhaps as a result of my first experience? :D

      I haven’t tried those, but I will seek them out now!

  3. Thanks am having fun with torch! Lol the sneak peeks are the best ones ;-) still only need 3 fingers to count how many times I’ve tried this including the original session back in 2013!

    Mars xx

  4. Tracy, I’m launching a new website for OHM Beads this week. May I feature one of your Sushi bead photos and give your credit? Thank you.

    1. Hi Julie, sure that would fine. Let me know when you have your site launched, I’d love to take a look! :)

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