Five minute work(it)out

Lately, I’ve felt a bit bogged down by indecision/lack of energy. I have ideas for combinations, but can’t seem to motivate myself to do them. Many mornings I’ll resort to one of my permanent bracelets, like my all-black X bracelet or my baby dragon. They’re quick, simple, and satisfying. Comfort food in bracelet form.

Whenever I feel like I need something more colourful to wear – but I don’t know what – I grab one bead that I want to use and give myself five minutes to make something that works. If nothing comes out of those five minutes, the bead goes on my bangle by itself and I go on with my day.

(Poor Coral Bubbles. I even gave it a few extra minutes, but couldn’t come up with a combo that worked.)

There’s been a few misses, but so far it’s been working out better than I expected. Rather than being throwaway combinations, destined to be pulled apart as quickly as they’re put together, they’ve stuck around. Instead of just being “something” to fill my wrist for the day, they’ve inspired me. If my other bracelets are my comfort food, these have become my energy drink. I still have a bunch of ideas for bracelets that I haven’t even started to explore, but I no longer avoid my bead box when I’m feeling bogged down.

Do you have any tricks that work for you to help get over a bead slump?


  1. I might have to steal this idea, have done so many big projects recently and been so bogged down with the day job that I’ve not had any new bead play for a while (am blogging in advance at the moment so current combos are still current but were put together a while ago) – sounds like your method might be a good starting point for me!

    Mars xx

    1. You should try it! It’s helping me pull out beads that otherwise get neglected and rediscovering them! It’s truly been great.

      I’d love to try the AtoZ challenge to stir my creativity, but I’m afraid that I won’t finish it! :\

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