Meddle not in the affairs of dragons

I thought choosing a Faerybead to complete my second resolution would be easy. I have several on my wish list. I know everything they make is a beautiful, little piece of art.

So, why did it take me so long to finally buy it?

When I went through my wishlist, I narrowed it down to one of their dragons: the Coiling Dragon or Ouroboros Dragon. But which to choose? The detail of the Coiling Dragon looked amazing. The symbolism of the Ouroboros was also tempting.

Coiling. Ouroboros. Coiling. Ouroboros. Coiling. Ouroboros. Coiling. Ouroboros.

I finally settled on the Coiling Dragon and intended to order it at the beginning of March as my planned bead for the month. A few days into March, I ordered an unplanned bead and convinced myself I should wait until the middle of the month to order my Faerybead. Then the middle of the month came and went and I still hadn’t ordered it. Close to the end of the month I almost put it in my cart, then suddenly had a complete change of mind and decided I would order the Vertebrae bead instead! The Vertebrae was the first Faerybead I fell for, so I figured it was time to finally get one. But with all my debating, I decided I would sleep on the decision. That night, I had another change of mind and decided that the Phoenix bead would be perfect instead.

I was having a serious bout of buyer’s paralysis.

I’ve experienced this before, where I spend so much time and brain energy planning a purchase that when the time finally comes, my overplanning (Me? Overplan? Who woulda thunk it!?!) causes me to hesitate.

In the end, I went back, stuck the Coiling Dragon in my cart and hit the checkout before I could change my mind again. After all, this is my second Faerybead, but certainly not my last! There’s plenty of time to overthink my next purchases too ;)

(A little part of me really wanted to sneak the Vertebrae bead into my cart as well. But I showed restraint.)

Now that it’s here, I really am impressed with the level of detailing on it. From the scales down the back to the feet tucked under the tail, and the gorgeous wings and face, there’s so much to love.


He needs a name, though.  The only one I can think of is George (from Marvin the Martian) but I don’t think that’s really fitting :D Or maybe he is really a she?

Do you ever hesitate when you get the chance to get something you’ve wanted for a while? Or do you grab it as soon as you can!?


  1. Utterly love it and great final choice! I really like what you’ve done with it on the bangle, stunning choice of beads to complement the dragon!

    I am contrary when I get the chance to get something I finally want as I do both of those things in equal measure, it can often depend on what else is going on at the time. Usually it’s governed by cash flow and whether or not I feel I can really afford it, and also how long I’ve waited. Conversely if I’ve already wai
    ted a long time (and it’s not LE) I can often think ooh I can wait a bit longer!

    At the moment I’m being quite strict with myself, my last splurge was in March at the Trollbeads Newport event, I say splurge as I’d cut down dramatically what I was going to spend and left several ordered items in the shop, but then saw a bead I’d wanted a multiple of for a while so splashed out on that too.

    I’ve not bought any beads since then, but I have ordered a copper bangle and I’m umming and ahhing what to do about the City Beads… jury is still out on that one!

    Mars xx

    1. Thanks! I am absolutely in love with him (is it weird to be in love with a bead? :D) Suddenly I find myself planning an entire bracelet around him, eschewing all of my other bead plans for the next few months! But I’m trying to reign myself in and take it slowly.

      Good for you for not buying since March! I ended up with *four* unplanned (but loved) beads last month and then an unplanned bead this month where a portion went to supporting charities helping in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake. But I skipped my planned purchases last month to make up for those extra unplanned beads. Now I’m using the “I can wait a bit longer” logic for this month’s planned purchases. :D And I haven’t even been into my LD in a while to see any of the new things coming. I do want to see the copper collection. And, I’m getting antsy to finish up some of the combinations that I’ve been working on. I was really hoping to get my camping bracelet finished this month, but now I’m waffling a bit on the final bead for it. And I keep thinking of more themes I want to try, but needing new beads for them. And I have a few planned purchases that I’ve been bumping month-to-month as I reprioritize.

      Maybe I don’t hesitate enough when I see something I want ;)

  2. My copper arrived on Saturday, absolutely love it and planning for a 2nd one when finances allow!

    City bead wise I’ve gone ahead and pre-ordered the dragon, I really love the town house, but I can’t see me using it, I like the Tokoyo one as I think that would look amazing on a FN. However what I think I will do is if I have enough money, and the dragon is nice enough, is get a 2nd one. I’m trying to focus on beads I definitely know I’ll use time and time again, and not let my collecting compulsion rule my purchases, as I would love a set of city beads just to have, but my bank balance isn’t allowing that sort of collecting!!

    I think the collection I would love to have in full is the Elements Set from Alex Cramariuc but again it’s down to money, I do wonder if I would be better saving up for some of the more expensive “wow” beads, and cut back on the more ordinary ones… food for thought!

    Mars xx

    1. The dragon was the silver that appealed to me most from that release so I would like to check it out when it is released (and I guess I can’t be too tardy since they will only be out globally for four weeks!). I was also bit excited about the single leathers coming out at the same time, but one dealer had them up for pre-order and it looks like they only come in one size. Maybe the expectation is that you adjust the knot to where you want it to be for your size (and I suppose you could cut off the excess if you wanted)? I love my current leather but having the option of just a single strand would be interesting.

      I love the elements set from Alex as well. I’m just not sure of the size of them. I seem to be gravitating to bangles these days (still haven’t seen the copper in person though!) and I’m not sure if they are too long to fit on the curve of a bangle.

      I’ve been trying to do the “wow” beads (like the coiling dragon), but then I find I need some of the ordinary ones to fill out the bracelet so I’m not necessarily further ahead. :D

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