Somehow my oldest became interested in Monster High at the end of last year. We didn’t watch it at home, so I can only assume she heard about it at school. But, she couldn’t stop talking about it. After months of her asking about it, we finally gave it a go. And it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I had a few concerns about the way the female characters are drawn, but these are so exaggerated (and they’re monsters!) that I hope my kids don’t see it as a realistic interpretation of the female form.

Despite my reservations, I like that the characters encourage each other to celebrate their freaky flaws and “Be Yourself. Be Unique.” And the girls are smart! They don’t run to the boys to solve their problems, they solve their own problems.

I guess my husbands’s love of zombies rubbed off on me because I found myself liking the main zombie, Ghoulia Yelps. She has the zombie moan and ambles along, but she’s also the smartest of the bunch. My inner child kind of wanted a Ghoulia doll. And then my inner bead geek chimed in to say that she might make an interesting bracelet theme! And, clearly, I needed a prop for my photo ;) Most of the dolls have the same thin figure as the cartoons, so I opted for a vinyl figure that was a bit more stylistic.

Part of Ghoulia’s signature look is her glasses. I wasn’t sure how I would represent them, but then remembered that I picked up a mixed set of charms a few years ago, one of which was a pair of glasses. I had to dig around a bit to find where I had put it, and then get the tube bail for it, but the bracelet wouldn’t be complete without them!

The rest of her outfit is a mix of red, white, and black. When I thought of possible beads, I immediately pictured Ohm’s Tartan Gore and Striped Suit. Sadly, I have neither. And I wasn’t in a position to buy them just for this bracelet. But I have quite a few red, black, and white beads, so I knew I wouldn’t be stuck for options. And, by happy coincidence, I realized my cherry tree unique would came in handy for the cherries on Ghoulia’s shirt!


I originally got the blue artisan swirl for my bird feeder bracelet to represent the blue jays, but it also subs in here for Ghoulia’s hair. The swirls really help give that feeling of movement you see in her hair. And after a bit of rummaging in my bead box, I realized the frosted glass matched her pale skin.

I was able to put my Ohm Skulls to good use too. The “skullette” is the symbol for Monster High, and each character has his or her own stylized skull/skullette. (Yes, I know far too much about Monster High). The last silver is actually steel; the small scooter charm comes from Ialian brand Morellato and represents Ghoulia’s scooter.

There is a silver that is missing: Ghoulia is a bit of a scientist and book worm, but also very quick on a computer, so I had hoped to use the Ohm Brainiac to represent her intelligence. But … I don’t have it yet and since I don’t know when I will get it, I decided to go ahead with the bracelet without it.

This is definitely a different look than my other zombie bracelet!


    1. Thanks! Brainiac would have been the perfect finishing touch, but my husband bought it as a gift and hasn’t gifted it yet ;D

    1. Thanks :)

      I never would have predicted a few years ago that I’d be watching Monster High either! :D But it’s grown on me, and Ghoulia was a fun theme to tackle.

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