How I trained my dragon

Once again, my oldest inadvertently inspired a bracelet theme.

For weeks she wanted to watch the movie How to Train Your Dragon. Except … she didn’t really want to watch it. She just liked the idea of watching it. Every time we tried to watch it, she would find an excuse as to why we shouldn’t. One cold and lazy Sunday, we finally decided that we wanted to watch it, even if she didn’t. The promise of caramel popcorn won her over and, although parts of it scared her, overall she liked it.

And then she started bugging us to watch the second one.

We had to wait a few weeks for it to come on Netflix, but when it did, we quickly found another afternoon to watch it. And, I think the sequel is even better.

For those who aren’t familiar with the original movie, it’s about a small island called Berk, the Vikings that inhabit it, and the dragons that initially terrorize it. Both movies centre around the unlikely friendship between a young Viking, Hiccup, and one of the rarest and most dangerous dragons, a Night Fury that Hiccup names Toothless.

The Coiling DragonWood Sprite, Labradorite, and green unique represent Toothless. He has sleek black scales and the Wood Sprite portrays that soft, matte black well. His black scales also make his green eyes stand out even more. The Labradorite and its blue flash represent his seldom used, but powerful, fiery blast.


The Viking Knot is my single nod to Hiccup. I guess dragons are a bit more interesting than people. ;) But I did put in a few nods to his home, Berk. Berk is a filled with lush greenery and barren cliffs and the Green Armadillo and the two jaspers represent those diverse landscapes. And my blue artisan swirl reminded me of the clouds and sky where Hiccup and Toothless spend quite a bit of time soaring. Clearly that artisan was a good buy; this is the third bracelet to feature it!

I thought of this theme while waiting for my Coiling Dragon to arrive, but he had other priorities when he got here. I finally managed to entice him away from his bracelet long enough to try this one. And I think it was a fun diversion for both of us!

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