Let camping season begin!

I had hoped to have my camping bracelet done before our first trip of the season, but the final bead was a bit tardy and only arrived yesterday – the day we returned from our first trip!

I started planning this bracelet almost a year ago. Before I started I didn’t have much of a plan beyond some of the centre beads, so it’s been interesting seeing how it developed. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. You can see the idea behind several of the beads in my posts from when it was still a simple bangle and when it was about half full, so I won’t explain those again. But that still leaves quite a few beads that have been added in the last six months!

We’re lucky to have several provincial parks within a reasonable distance from us; we usually have a canopy of trees around and above us when we camp. Aside from the green glass that I had already added, I knew that I wanted to represent the dense foliage of the parks with a silver bead, and the Nordic Tree was perfect. It was actually one of the first beads I identified for this bracelet, but the last to arrive, a victim to “too many wanted beads, not enough bead funds.” It’s a bit bigger than I had anticipated, so it caused a last minute reshuffle of some of the beads last night, but it evokes the feeling that I wanted.


My parents also love to camp, so we sometimes meet up with them on trips. The girls love seeing their nana and grandpa, and having them on a nearby site means we get a few moments of peace every once in a while. The Mushrooms Family is a bit of nod to a running joke we have with my mother. We’ll be on a walk with her and she’ll stop to take a picture of a mushroom. And we’ll wait. And wait. And wait. And then we’ll repeat it again a few minutes later when she finds another interesting one. Our kids now search out mushrooms to show to their nana, so I knew I had to represent them on my bracelet as well.

I was also able to find a second navy galaxy in the last few months and reinstated my artisan night sky in the centre of the bracelet. Around the same time, I caved and bought a footprint bead and it – along with the murky blue – represents the beach. That gave me the idea of moving the fire bead further to the side to balance the water with fire. And I snuck the Cozy on to represent the campfire s’mores. ;)

It’s really too bad I can’t wear my camping bracelet while we’re camping. It would be taking our glamping to a new level!


    1. Thanks! :) I really was a bit worried how the combination would turn out since I didn’t have many of the beads identified at the start. And the GPS bead turned out a bit bigger than I had planned so it looked odd until the rest of the bracelet filled in. But, it makes me happy when I wear it :)

  1. Looking good! I’ve always loved the idea of your camping bracelet and it’s nice to see the full version.

    It’s made me wonder how I would represent my bus bracelet 1 yr on, we’re going away next weekend for Solstice which is the first night we spent in her when we picked her up :) I’d definitely need a tow truck in there and all of the tool type beads to represent how much work has been done, and possibly Ohm’s Bah Humbug (to represent the money spent in repairs) so it would be half tools and half bliss. No regrets though, I am learning that much like cats, you don’t own old vehicles, they own you :)

    I love all your choice of beads, footprints on the beach is great, love the touch with the mushrooms, and the Nordic tree is fabulous, it was a bead I was a bit meh about when it came out but seeing it on here, in it’s ideal setting – it just looks so glorious!

    Really, really like this… did I mention I love it too?

    Mars xx

    1. The tool beads would be great! And they are reasonably priced :)

      I’ve pretty much decided that I would like to have two more green glass beads to fill out this bracelet a bit more, but I could also see it morphing a bit as we have new adventures in it, so I don’t want to rush any purchases. Although I love the beads in that shade of green, so I’m sure I could find someplace for them ;)

      Enjoy your trip in your bus next weekend!

  2. Thanks, excited to be going away again. Weather here keeps being glorious during the week when I’m working but rubbish at weekends.

    Next weekend is looking hopeful and tide times are bang on for some nice walks (don’t want to get stuck!)

    Got a very exciting package coming this week so should be bouncing by the weekend!

    Mars xx

    1. Weather here has just been rubbish for probably two weeks straight, weekdays and weekends :D I hope that the forecast holds for you though!

      And you really have me curious about this package!

  3. I’m literally so excited about my package!!

    Can’t wait to get away this weekend either, did a festival last month but I’m itching to get back to basics!

    Mars xx

    p.s. will send you a photo of said package…

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