Gilt-y as charged

Shortly after I received my dragon, his original combination morphed into another mini combo with the centre beads seen here. But, it seemed to call for an even fuller combination. The 2+2 briefly had me searching out gold beads, but the price is a bit too steep for me. So I turned back to my bead box. And the current combination quickly came together.

It doesn’t have much of the typical gold that dragons are associated with, but it still has a fair amount of sparkle!

In the two months since I made this combination, the only change (other than the week or so that the Coiling Dragon and a few other beads resided on my How to Tame Your Dragon combo) has been to add the Crown of Thorns.

I wasn’t sure Crown of Thorns would work here, but I like the roughness of it. I had hoped it would evoke the idea of dragon claws or a clawed surface and I think it works well. It actually almost works too well: I originally had it on the end of the bracelet, but was wearing a flowing dress one day and it snagged the fabric! Thankfully it didn’t cause a hole, but I quickly moved it between two larger beads to avoid any future snags.


Even though it hasn’t changed much in two months, this is another combination that I’m happy to let grow slowly. It’s complete enough to wear as-is and most of the beads that I have in mind for it now are very specific versions of production beads. I’m happy to wait until I find the right ones.

Well, mostly happy. A little part of me is still kicking myself for not adding the Faerybeads Vertebrae bead to my cart when I ordered the Coiling Dragon. ;)


  1. Love this combo, Vertebrae gives you something to aim for, I quite like the new Elfbeads silvers that have that lovely scales effect, am pondering a couple of those for my dragon bracelet which is nowhere near on a chain yet :) Too many ideas and no cohesion at the moment!

    Such fab tones in this bracelet, definitely something I would love to wear <3

    Mars xx

    1. I was pondering the Elfbead Everscale that came out a few months ago, but thought it might be a bit too long for my bracelet. Although I still keep coming back to look at it every once in a while! I don’t have too many other silvers in mind, so maybe after I get a few other glass/stone beads sorted I will come back to it again. The newest Elfbead Scales silver seems a bit too shiny, but that could just be the limited number of images that I’ve seen of it.

      I know what you mean about too many ideas and no cohesion! I had a very long list of beads I thought might work on this, but they didn’t mesh well together. Maybe that’s really why this hasn’t changed much in two months :D


  2. My winter beach bracelet definitely suffered from that until I cracked it. Great individual beads for the theme but it didn’t quite work all together until I ditched some of the key beads.

    I have everscale, nice bead but not used it yet as haven’t found it’s place yet! It’s an unusual one to work with, give me a shout if you want to see it next to any particular beads size wise.

    Got a nice package coming this week that’s blown the budget massively (one of those grab it when you find it opportunities) so the new Elfbeads might have to wait… along with everything else!

    Mars xx

    1. My “broken” theme right now is my bird feeder bracelet. Love each bead, but can’t get them to go nicely together. I think it might end up as a small rotating bangle, where I only use a few beads at a time but even that didn’t work out when I tried it yesterday. I’m determined to get it working though! I really loved the small winter version I had before I got most of the beads, but a spring/summer version is eluding me.

      It’s the odd shape that has me wondering if Eversxale will work well. It doesn’t look much taller than glass beads, just wider. And I want my coiling dragon to be the in the middle, so I don’t really have anything else that is long to balance it at the side. I have one idea of what might balance it out length-wise, but I’m not convinced yet.

      OOh, an exciting and mystery package! My first thought was the skeleton necklace :D But I look forward to seeing what it is :)

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