Sugar and spice and everything nice!

I’m a little shocked that it’s taken me this long to put together a Starbucks chai latte bracelet; chai are a bit of a weakness for me.

We try to be good and buy the boxed concentrate to make “home chais” (I also use the concentrate to make chai ice cream!) but we indulge in Starbucks chais on weekends. And holidays. And vacations. And, for many years at Christmas we celebrated the 12 days of Starbucks. Depending on where in the week Christmas fell, when we included our usual weekend trips it sometimes turned into the 14 or 15 days of Starbucks. Or 17, when we were lucky.

Some might call that commitment. Others might call it an addiction. Either way, why has it taken me this long to create a bracelet?

Since our commitment/addiction is to chai, not Starbucks, it was important to find the right bead to represent the chai. And it’s been harder than I thought. Trollbeads has the retired Chai Bud, but the colour of the ones I’ve seen has been far too pale. I had resigned myself to using the Trollbeads Cozy, but it’s not really dark enough. Finding a bead that was the right tone was a challenge. Once again, my bead box unexpectedly came to the rescue!

I was disappointed by the armadillo when it arrived. Not in the bead itself – it’s really well done, with beautiful lines – but in the fact that it didn’t go with the combination that I bought it for! I’m not one to return things, so it sat on a rod while I silently cursed the difference between the colours on a computer screen and reality. Then, while looking for a bead for another combination, my eye caught the armadillo and my brain clicked that it was the perfect chai colour.

I still wanted to include a nod to the roots of our addiction, so I added White Coral and Mossman to represent the Starbucks colours.

The only thing lacking was silvers. I didn’t have any that screamed “chai latte” to me. But, the swirl of Whirlpool made me think of frothy drinks and I added Stay Positive since a chai latte can do wonders to improve my mood. ;)

One venti, six pump, non-fat, no water, no foam chai latte, please!

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