The Maple Leaf Forever

I cut this a little close to the wire, pulling beads and putting together a combination only yesterday. I’m not sure why holidays keep sneaking up on me this year! My Valentine’s combo came together later than planned. I finally figured out my Easter combination a few days ahead of the day. I almost missed Mother’s Day (I know, it looks like I missed it entirely; I put together a bracelet that morning, I just didn’t post it).

When I consider my track record this year, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I was tardy on this one too!

The good news is that when I finally got my beads out, the combination came together pretty quickly. Having only two colours helps quite a bit. ;)


I try not to repeat combinations too much, so I put together this year’s combination without looking at last year’s. But, after I was done, I looked to see how they compared. I was surprised by how much my collection of reds has grown! I’m still a bit shy of a full bracelet this year, but I can almost fake it with a shorter chain and longer lock. ;)

I thought I’d have plenty of time to get the Novobeads Maple Leaf lock this year, but time flies! So, no lock. Another thing to strive for next year, I guess.

But, I managed to get the Ohm Maple Leaf bead for the centre of my bracelet. And the other silvers also match the theme (or, at least better than they did last year). Usually someone in our group of friends hosts a Canada Day BBQ, so I added the Get Your Nog On since a BBQ seems to always involve a beverage or two. This year we’re planning on attending the Canada Day celebrations hosted by one of our local universities. It’s very family-friendly, but also very popular, so I added the Smiley in the hopes that the crowds won’t dampen our enthusiasm. We’re also contemplating making it to the fireworks this year, so I added Star Universe and Sparkling Star.

All that remains to be seen is whether the rain will hold off long enough!

Happy Canada Day!

*The Maple Leaf Forever is a song written in 1867, the same year of Canada’s Confederation. Although it seems to be rarely sung these days, I learned it as a child so some of the lyrics are still imprinted in my brain :D


  1. Love red beads! Wondered what you would do with them when I saw your pile earlier!

    Nice bracelet and was having similar thoughts about still not having the Dragon lock from Redbalifrog for myself. Must get around to that at some point but just splurge again so once again it’s on the list but nowhere near enough near the top yet!

    Enjoy the celebrations.

    Mars xx

    1. Thanks! I tried a few arrangements, but with only two colours and not quite enough for a full bracelet, the arrangements weren’t really that different :D But I am happy with how it turned out. I suspect that if I get the Novobeads lock, I’ll kick myself for not getting it sooner! It looks really nicely detailed.

      I’ve been thinking about a dragon lock too since my dragon bracelet seems to have become a semi-permanent bracelet. Faerybeads is coming out with a new dragon lock too. I think they’re aiming for sometime in the Fall. Seems like this is the year of dragons! I wonder if RBF will come out with any new dragon pieces in their Myths & Legends release next week?

  2. Ooh that would be awesome. Hadn’t considered more dragons!

    I’m already well into my 2nd half year of budget and we’re only on the 1st July! I fear I might be scrabbling about if the FN side of TB and Autumn release is strong too. But I may just have to be patient…

    Treating myself to one of the new cases in the hope of getting my troll into one place! This month is definitely a killer start to the second half of the year budget wise B-)

    Mars xx

    1. A little part of me is hoping for more dragons in the release, but I know they already have a few in the collection and there are so many more things they could do with that theme so I’m curious what they’ve come up with. I love the redbalifrog releases, they are always surprising :)

      Ooh, I’d be interested in your thoughts on the new case when you get it! My box is beginning to get unwieldy again. I’m not sure if I need something different, or if it just needs to be organized differently.

  3. Will let you know, they’re not due ’til Sept I think but thought it was a good deal compared to other options, always stuggle spending money on storage as I think what beads the money could buy me… BUT…

    I find I’m not putting together as many full combos at the moment and getting really frustrated with having my beads all over the place, if I can get most into this case (or all) that would be fantastic! I also tend to keep my white jewellery box in it’s protective box as I throw things around and wanted to keep it nice… hoping this is a more “practical” version :)

    Well those are all my hopes, if it just meets the “can get a lot in” criteria that’ll do, everything else is a bonus!

    Mars xx

    1. I am the same. I think about about how many beads I could get instead of a new box and I choose the beads. I really like that my current box has a glass lid so that I can see everything inside even when the lid is closed. But, I know I need to get shorter rods. I get annoyed pulling beads off the middle of rods, so then they just end up loose and then I can’t find what I’m looking for. I guess I should have had “organize beadbox” as a goal for the second half of the year :D

      1. Lol as I’m not making as many new combos, I’m happy to get the longer rods as I’ve not got them on and off as mucha the moment, and then keep my go to beads on a shorter rod!

        I need to start thinking about where I’m keeping my own beads, it’s not a problem at the moment but they are multiplying quicker than bought beads… trying not to buy any more glass rods at the moment and concentrate on using what I have!

        Looking forward to my sort out in September!

        Mars xx

  4. Beautiful bracelet! Drooling over your red beads! I love red yet I don’t have very many red beads in my bead box yet. And yes, time does fly! and holidays are sneaky.

    You really do need to get the Maple lock down the road though. After all, you now have the Ohm Maple Leaf bead, the lock would just be the icing. :)

    1. Thanks :) Reds do seem to be harder to come by. I would like Tartan Gore from Ohm – that looks like a really nice shade of red!

      I know, the maple leaf lock would be perfect with this combo. And my autumn combo. I think that’s enough to justify it (since I can wear my autumn combo from Sept through Nov), it’s just a matter of forcing myself to buckle down and buy it. And they don’t seem to have sales so there’s little chance of an impulse buy in a sale. Sometimes sales really help push me off the fence :D

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