Where does the time go?

Just like that, half the year is gone already!

My resolutions for the first half of the year were fairly simple: buy a bangle and buy a Faerybead. I had only two, partly because they were slightly pricier goals, and also because I had trouble thinking of any others that I wanted to commit to (despite starting to think of my resolutions at the beginning of December).

I’ve now had six months to think about what I want to accomplish in the second half of the year. Although I’ve managed to think of only one more than I had in the first half, they are a bit harder than just plunking down some money.

Buy another lock (for the chain)

Ok, this one is just about forking over money. Although I still need to decide which lock I want.

I’ve always asserted that I don’t really need another lock. I already have three: two regular length locks and one slightly longer lock. It’s not that much effort to switch them around when I need them (I rarely wear more than one chain at a time). There aren’t any locks that I can’t live without.

But, I really need a chain. I have four right now: one 6.3″, one 6.7″, and two 7.5″ (all measurements with lock). I use the 6.7″ and 7.5″ chains the most, but it’s getting very frustrating to switch around chains when I want to wear a particular combination. Since I can’t quite bring myself to pay for a chain, but I’m sure that I could put another lock to good use, getting a 7.1″ (chain + lock) bracelet in a promo is the best solution.

The “buy a lock, get a chain” promos aren’t quite as frequent as they used to be, but they are frequent enough that I should be able to accomplish this by the end of the year. I almost bought a lock and chain a year ago, and then found a chess lock and spoiled those plans. So, now I’m set to put the plans back in place. I’m leaning towards the bat lock, but I hear that there are one or two interesting locks coming in the fall. Hopefully their release lines up with a promo!

Make another silver bead

I’ve made four silver beads (and one pendant) so far: a bird feeder, GPS, eyeball, and a bead that I made as a gift for someone. But that’s it. At the beginning of the year, I stated that I didn’t want to make a resolution to make a bead, because I didn’t want to force myself to make something just for the sake of making something. But, I think that I need something to kick start me into making them again. I have ideas, but haven’t acted on them. The good news is, I already have the metal clay, so I really just need to put the time in!

Get a light box

In the last half of January, we had a long string of dark days. Every time I tried to take a picture of a bracelet, the colour was off or the whole frame was dim and dull. I had this as an unofficial resolution for the first half of the year, but you can see how well that turned out. So, now I’ll make it official.

Whether this turns into a “make a light box” or “buy a light box” is still a bit up in the air. I’d like to think I’m crafty enough to make something that would work (and there are lots of tutorials on the web about how to do it), so that’s my ideal goal. And I like making things (see resolution 2). But, my time is sometimes limited, so if the right deal came up, I’m not opposed to plunking down money.

The resolutions I didn’t make (yet)

Every time I set out to think of with resolutions, I come up with ideas that I can’t commit to.

  • I’d like a Story bracelet, but there are no dealers near me where I can try one on; the closest is an hour away and I don’t even know if they still stock the line.
  • Mars at Curling Stones for Lego People has a beautiful Karma bracelet. So many pretty beads. There’s even a dealer only about half an hour from me. But, I can see that being a slippery slope for me (I can’t have just one bead!) so I have to stop myself before I even start.
  • I’d love to be able to support more of the amazing artisans out there. I almost made a resolution to buy an Alex Cramariuc bead, but right now they don’t match my themes. And, with the number of theme ideas I already have, I can’t start a new one right now. I will be buying another Faerybead for my dragon bracelet, but I don’t know that I can really call that a resolution when it’s hopefully only a few weeks away ;)

Maybe some of these will come back in 2016 as official resolutions. Or, maybe the right opportunity will come up and I will accomplish them in 2015 after all! But, I think I’ll probably have my hands full with the first three official resolutions.

What do you think? Reasonable resolutions? Too easy? Too hard? Do you have any resolutions to finish out the year? Any bets on whether I make my goals?


  1. I’d vote for the light box ASAP, I had no idea how much difference it would make until I got one… I don’t use it with lights, just near a window but so good! Not expensive to buy a cheap one that works really well either, think I paid about £13 GBP and that was with delivery! Best £13 I’ve ever spent on my blog :)

    We would make good bead buddies, I normally want the lock but not the chain, we Would have been able to split the deal! :)

    I think your silver clay beads are great, I can’t imagine how you come up with the ideas or how to make them, it looks harder than the lampwork! Whenever inspiration strikes I’ll look forward to reading all about it.

    I like how you’ve separated out ideas that you’re not committing to yet and looking at why, that’s a really good idea, kinda of like resolutions in waiting!

    Karma will get you in the end I’m sure ;)

    Mars xx

    1. The annoying thing is that I saw a lightbox for a really good price a while ago, but didn’t buy it at the time because I was just getting into blogging my combinations and didn’t think I needed it. As the days start to get shorter, I’m sure the lack of light will prompt me to get one sooner rather than later. And, since it was an unofficial goal for the first half of the year, I really can’t let this year end without one!

      That would have been good if I had known that before :D I think I will find an extra lock useful, so I’m looking forward to my options now. I liked the promo before where you could get a free chain if you spent a certain amount (I think around $75) on any Trollbeads. I got a few of my chains that way!

      Thanks for the kind words about my beads :) I really like the ones I’ve done so far, but there are many ideas I have that I can’t do with the metal clay. I am curious about trying it with carving wax, I think I’d be able to get finer details, but then I’d have to find someone to make the bead from the wax.

      I suspect that Karma will get me in the end ;) I think I just need to wait until some of my other wishlist items are crossed off before I seriously consider it. Or maybe if I can find the bracelet preloved, that would push me into it. The price point of the beads doesn’t seem that bad (no worse than other brands I already collect!). I also saw recently a sale where you got a free bead with the purchase of the chain, so I may keep my eye open for another and see if I can take advantage of the deal then.

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