Karma: what comes around, goes around (my wrist)

Last year I started thinking about getting a Thomas Sabo Karma bracelet (in fact, I mentioned it in my mid-year resolutions in 2015!) But, since the beads aren’t compatible with my Trollbeads bracelets, I kept putting it off.

Then, in March, I got an exciting project at work and decided that I would buy myself a Karma bead as a reward when it completed (in May). I finished my work and waited for the final release. But, as with many projects, it was delayed. The May date turned into June, which also brought a Karma Beads promotion. Even better! But, since the project hadn’t closed yet and I really didn’t want to reward myself prematurely, I waited. And the bead that I really wanted – the Lapis Lazuli – sold out. Still, I told myself that hopefully it would be back in stock by the time the project finished.


June turned into July and the project was pushed out again, this time without a firm release date. I gave up on using the Karma bead as a reward. But, I did set it as one of this year’s mid-year resolutions. I had found a lapis stone at the store where I picked up the stones for my hummingbird bracelet, so I set my sights on a few other beads in their (very extensive) collection.

In August, I took advantage of Thomas Sabo’s “Buy two beads, get a free stone bead” offer and got the Grey Mother-of-Pearl, Howlite, and Red Bamboo Coral beads. I had hoped that I could wear the beads on a necklace so that I could still enjoy them while I waited for a bracelet promotion, but they didn’t fit anything that I had and I could only adore them in my bead box. At least I didn’t have to wait too long! In September, they had a bracelet promotion and I could finally wear my beads. I had wanted to get another Grey Mother-of-Pearl bead, but they sold out the day the promo started, so I snagged a second Red Bamboo Coral and added the White Pearl, Skulls, and stopper to qualify for the bracelet promotion.

An amusing note: unbeknownst to me at the time, the day that I ordered my bracelet is also the day that the project that I had been waiting for finally launched! It was karma after all!

I’ve been playing around, trying to figure out which beads will be next on my list. I’d like to get some black beads to mix in with the reds and the skull. And I know that I want a second Grey Mother of Pearl. When my current one arrived I was a bit surprised to see that it has a hint of green to it. I like the colour, but I think I will want to pick my next one in person, in case they vary, so I can make sure that I get a match. I think I would also pick a pearl in person as mine has a slight pink tint to it. But, I love how well the Grey Mother of Pearl compliments the khaki X Jewellery links and that the Howlite and Red Bamboo Coral match the teal and red links!

Sadly, a lapis stone (or two) is still on my “want” list; the stone that I bought is too big compared to my Karma beads. Of course, I didn’t find that out until after I had already drilled it. But, now that I have the Karma beads to do a proper size comparison, I will definitely be making another trip to the beading store since there were several stones that I would love to try!


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