X marks the spot

The idea for this year’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day bracelet came from my lovely bead from Born of Fire. As I mentioned when I introduced it in my Mothra/Godzilla bracelet, it makes me think of a chain of islands. From there, my mind wandered to the idea of pirates roaming the seas, searching for remote places to stash their loot and the rest came quickly:  the Compass bead to help them navigate to their destination; the Letter X bead marking the spot on their map; and, of course, the Arrr bead to represent the pirates themselves! Similar to last year’s ITLAPD combo, the navy beads represent those long and deep waters between the islands.

My only regret about this combo is that I originally planned to use my GPS bead to represent the pirate’s treasure map, but it didn’t sit well on the bangle and I had to remove it.

Artisans: Islands: Born of Fire || navy glass: Na0sGlass on Etsy


  1. I’m so glad this bead went to a good home as you are using it to such good effect!

    Great bangle, love the combo, navy galaxies, my favourite TB glass <3

    Mars xx

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