Sometimes life gives you an interesting curveball. Or, in our case, it gives you a cute, little fluffball!

In early May, my oldest asked if she could have a bunny. A classmate was giving one away and had asked her if she wanted it. We had talked about getting her a guinea pig in the fall for her birthday, so it wasn’t a completely outlandish request. Fall/summer. Guinea pig/bunny. Sort of the same thing, right? I admit that I was slightly swayed by my memories of the pet bunny I had as a kid, so I said yes. And then I convinced my husband. A day later, the bun was ours (I mean my daughter’s ;)) and had been christened Marshmello, because she’s fluffy like a marshmallow and the colour of a burnt one. Shortly after that, I was planning a bracelet for her!

My only bunny bead was the Ohm Bunny Reaper and I didn’t think that it properly reflected her sweet personality. And none of ones that I found in my searches quite captured her expressive face. I finally settled on the Trollbeads Easter Bunny, but had to wait until July when I found it in a sale.

I added the wood beads since she’s a bit of a chewer (wood and paper being her favourites) and the black beads for her silky fur. Then I began to think about what else makes her the cute little fuzzbutt that we know and love.

The first thing that popped into my mind was a teddy bear bead, because she loves to lick the teddy bears in my daughter’s room! Sadly, I don’t have and and couldn’t justify buying one just for this combo. But, I did add the Black Sheep since she also loves lying on top of a stuffed sheep and using it as her personal throne.

The Trust/Love bead and Smiley are for how much she makes us smile. And the Brainiac for how smart she is!

If there was a bead for how stinkin’ cute she is, I would add it. But these pics will have to suffice.


  1. The bunny is adorable and how fun that you dedicated a bracelet design just to her! Hope you—-I mean your daughter enjoy your new friend ?

    1. Thanks! She is quite a little character, so it just felt right that she should have a bracelet designed for her! :D Honestly, I had forgotten how funny rabbits are. Although, they also poop so much – if I had the Ohm poop bead it would have been perfect!

      1. The smooth poop is kinda cute ( boy I can’t believe those words came out of my mouth haha ) I have one bunny that moved him or herself under our deck. It comes out every night to eat grass and hangs around us but runs back under the deck if kids or I try to approach it. Does your bunny most stay in a cage ?

        1. Aww, that’s cute! We have wild bunnies in our backyard, but they don’t visit with us, they just eat our vegetation under the cover of night :D Marshmello does have a cage, but she’s out a few times a day for an hour or so so that she can stretch her legs. Her cage started out as just a large dog crate but is slowly growing (much to the chagrin of my husband!) to give her more space when she isn’t out.

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