A slice of luxury

My husband and I celebrated our tenth anniversary this month with a short trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Our original plan was to do a mini version of our honeymoon (although we honeymooned in Vermont, we figured that NOTL captured some of the quaintness of where we stayed in Vermont). We quickly discovered that it’s impossible to shrink two weeks of activities into two days!

I opted to bring a portion of my Pandora Essence beads on our trip, figuring that I could switch out beads depending on what we decided to do each day.

The day that we arrived, we planned on just walking around the town, so I created a simple bracelet with three Essence beads and my lone Elfpetite silver since it was quite hot that day. That night, we came back from dinner to find a single red rose on our bed, which capped off a beautiful day.

The next day we had planned for a morning at the spa, so I added to my bracelet from the previous day since it already felt luxurious. We did another quick walk around the town before heading out for lunch and wine tasting at one of the many wineries. I wish that I had captured our view looking over the vineyard as we dined and sipped on our wine! We capped it off with a stop at a handmade ice cream store (reminiscent of our trip to the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Vermont on our honeymoon!) before heading back to the inn to take a dip in the outdoor hot tub and enjoy another delectable dinner. My bracelet certainly matched the mood of the day! We returned from dinner to find that a white rose had joined the red one from the previous night.

The next morning, our plans were thwarted by rain (also reminiscent of our honeymoon in Vermont!) so we headed home a bit early. I wore the combination from the previous day since we planned on stopping by the Pandora outlet (too bad they had nothing that I wanted on sale).

In the end, I only created two bracelets and used about half of the beads that I took. But, I feel like the combinations captured the simple luxury of two nights away from home, following our own schedule without kids or dogs to wake us up early!


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