Bats, bones, and boos!

I threw together this combination almost three weeks ago as a short-term stand-in while waiting for my Ohm Beasties to arrive. I had planned on making a larger bracelet once I saw which beastie I got, but my little monster is still roaming as of today’s mail, so my beastie will have to wait for his own combination! In the meantime, this has ended up on my wrist every day, so it became my Halloween bracelet by default.

I’m actually a bit surprised that both Sleeping Bat and Skeleton Spirit spent so much time (somewhere around two years or more, I think!) on my wish list before I finally got them in this spring in a sale. I believe this might be Sleeping Bat‘s first outing, but Skeleton Spirit has graced my wrist quite a few times the last few months.

Happy Halloween!

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