And then there were none!

My second resolution – my all-metal bracelet – is finally complete, even if I cheated just a bit ;). While I’ve met my goal of removing all of the black links, it’s hasn’t quite followed my plan.

I gambled a bit and waited to see if I would get a link for Christmas yesterday. And I did. But not the one that I expected! Rather than the single silver link that I need to finish the bracelet, I received one of the double silvers on my wish list. Not a bad problem to have, though, so I’m not complaining! I briefly considered ordering a single silver link from one of the retailers having a sale right now, but came to my senses this morning. My goal was to remove the final black link. And I have. I wasn’t sure if the extra double link would make the bracelet fit awkwardly, but it’s still comfortable. When I do get the link that I need for this one, I’ll split it into the two bracelets I originally had planned with these links. But, for now, my resolution is complete.

One more resolution to go!

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