Here comes Santa Claus

This year’s traditional red, white, and green bracelet almost wasn’t!

I love the lime green bead that Georgina Black made for me last year. It’s bright and cheery and perfect for a festive bracelet. Last Christmas, my mini combination needed only one green, so it wasn’t a problem. But, this year I wanted to try something different. Inspired by my expanded array of reds, I wanted to try and create a full bracelet. The only problem: my bright greens haven’t kept pace with my reds. Not even close.

So, I set out trying to work around my issue. I tried with the Georgina Black bead in the middle, and a pattern of reds and whites moving away from the centre. Nope. I tried with a trio of red, white, and green in the middle and then filling in the rest with whites. No go. I tried various other combinations and managed to get the bracelet looking pretty much how I wanted it to. Except for the greens.

I briefly scoured some of the online sites, but quickly realized that there really wasn’t enough time to order anything and have it arrive in time. Plus, I’m always leery about ordering online unless I’ve seen enough pictures to know that the colour will be a good match. I’ve been surprised too often when I open packages! In a last-ditch effort, I scouted the local bead store and craft areas of larger department stores for cheaper stand-ins that would match. But, none came close to the electric green. I finally pulled my Green Shade and the unique from another combination.


It’s still a few beads shy of a full bracelet, and the green unique isn’t as close of a match as I would like. But, every time that I put it on it puts me into the Christmas mood! I just hope that I’m on Santa’s nice list this year! ;)


  1. So were you on Santa’s nice list? And if you weren’t, you must have had a really fun year to be on the naughty list. :)

    1. I seem to have been on his nice list! :D I was very lucky this year and found a few bead packages under the Christmas tree. I got Trollbeads, X by Trollbeads, and Ohm beads, so it was certainly a very beady Christmas.

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