I’m dreaming of a black Christmas

Or at least I was.

I loved last year’s Christmas bracelets. The darker one one appealed to the adult in me, who loves the glam and sparkle of the holiday season. The more traditional one appealed to the kid in me, who loves the bright colours of Christmas. But, I didn’t want to completely recreate them this year. I knew I would use many of the same beads, but I wanted to put a slightly new spin on them!

The first up was the darker “glitz and glam” bracelet. Last year’s version was built around the darker Christmas Decoration Kit beads and a few uniques that matched. I knew this year they would also be among my first picks; they don’t get out other than at Christmas, so this is their time to shine. But, the taupe base is a hard one to match. Last year I used blacks and whites to complement and pick up the accent colours in the uniques and decoration kit beads, then added clear beads to fill in the rest of the bracelet. This year I decided to drop the lighter beads and concentrate on the blacks. In the end I had to cheat a bit and add some dark greys – and remove two of the uniques since they were too light – but overall it matched my vision of a sleek and sophisticated bracelet.


Until Get Your Nog On joined the party. And brought the egg nog. And the rum (of course!).

I tried to entice her over to my other Christmas bracelet, with its festive greens and reds, but she was having none of it. She’d found her spot, she wasn’t going to leave. And I’m not one to spoil someone’s party. So my sleek and sophisticated bracelet became a bit more spiced and spirited!

But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Bottom’s up!


    1. Sorry about any strain that I might put on your budget. But I really love Get Your Nog On! With her little feet just sticking up in the air …

      I thought I would put Jingle Balls on here too, but it didn’t quite work out. Although you will see it soon ;)

  1. Awww… love how Get Your Nog on wedged herself in and made herself at home. I love it! I guess she didn’t want you to be too serious during Christmas? :)

    1. Yup, once she was on there, there was no getting her off. She was nice enough to bring the bevies, though, so I’m not complaining ;)

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