Sending 2014 off with a bang!

Last year I wore my darker Christmas bracelet on New Years Eve, but this year I thought I’d make a bracelet specifically for the day/night. Of course, with all of the visiting around Christmas, I didn’t get to doing anything for it until yesterday!

I knew that I wanted to do a bangle design, but I didn’t have any ideas beyond that. After looking at the contents of my beadbox for a while, I decided that I wanted to use my labradorite. It hasn’t been out in a while, so it felt deserving.

After playing around with some of the beads that I usually use with it, nothing was clicking. I tried with some beads that I don’t usually pair with it, like my Blue Deserts and some of my other blue uniques, but the lab felt too grey next to most of them. I left it alone on the bangle for a while, and almost kept it like that, before having the idea of throwing some smaller silvers next to it! I don’t naturally think to “end” my bangle combinations with silver beads since the stoppers are silver, but I really should. Of course, I still couldn’t make myself break away from my need for symmetry, so I had a bit of a task finding two beads that looked visually similar. I’m a bit less picky about it on bracelets, but with bangles my eye really picks up when the two are too dissimilar. I’m very happy with the final result though! The Snow and Star Universe beads remind me of fireworks in the sky. Perfect for New Years!

To add a bit more pizzazz to my wrist today, I’ve paired it with my newly “finished” X by Trollbeads bracelet. Let the countdown begin!


  1. My bangle designs really bring out a ridiculous need for symmetry in me. It’s very annoying… Especially when I have 2 or more production beads that are totally different sizes #1stworldproblems

    Happy New Year to you xxx

    1. Thanks! :) Happy New Year to you as well!

      I have another bracelet design that I’ve really struggled with because two of the beads that are supposed to be paired are really noticeably different sizes and two silvers are also mismatched. I think I have finally come up with an arrangement where it doesn’t bother me – for now. It’s a work in progress, so I’m hoping when I fill in a bit more it will start to look as I had originally envisioned it!

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