Go … not-the-Patriots!

I admit, I really wanted the New Orleans Saints to win the NFC Conference this year. Partly because I have fond memories of the week that I spent in New Orleans many years ago. Mostly, I wanted to put together a black and gold combo for the Super Bowl!

Alas, the LA Rams beat the Saints in overtime and will face off against the Patriots tonight. I wasn’t overly thrilled at my bead options until I read that the Rams were going with their throwback uniform of yellow and blue. I loved being able to put together a bright combination for today.

After rooting for the Eagles, Falcons, and Seahawks (twice!) in the last few years, I also loved that it wasn’t another bird combination!

Let’s see what tonight brings!


  1. Dare I say I’m voting for the rams too! Not because I am OBSESSED with the rams but because I vote for anyone who not on the patriots! Woohoo goooooramssss ???

    1. Yes, I know nothing about the Rams or their chances at winning the Super Bowl, I just like that they are not the Patriots :D That seems to be primarily how I’ve chosen “my team” the last few years for the Super Bowl. :D *crossingfingers*

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