One more go around the sun

Another year, another set of resolutions. Although it feels like making my bead resolutions is becoming harder and harder as the years pass. And yet I still feel like I gain something from them, so I’m reluctant to give up on the idea!

Certainly part of the struggle is that I’m more in control of what I want vs. what I just think that I want than I was when I first started collecting. Culling my wish lists in 2017 had an longer-term unintended effect – my “six months goals” list has had a single item on it … for nine months. Which isn’t to say that I’ve bought nothing in the last six (or nine) months, just that my purchases have been relatively infrequent and unplanned/spontaneous purchases. A bunny bead. A Beastie (or two). I’m sure there’s something else in there, but I’d have to search deeper in my email archives to find the receipts! 

As such, I only have two goals for the first half of the year.

Explore Elfpetite

Every year my MIL gives us money for Christmas and I buy a bead. But this year (and last year, too) it’s taken me a while to buy anything. It makes me realize that even the beads that do stay on my wish list are ones that I only kinda-sort-want-one-day. Because the ones that I really want … I buy.

But, I do have a few Elfpetite glass beads on my lists that I haven’t bought since they can vary and I wanted to see more examples before I committed. So, I’m going to narrow it down and take the plunge.

Practice my attitude of gratitude

This might seem less like a bead goal and more like a life goal, but I’ve always found beads to be great for expressing thoughts so why not try and use them to remind myself to focus on the positives in the world. 

This is gonna be my year.

*The Be Grateful picture is of a dish towel that a friend recently gave me. I’m not sure if she was trying to tell me something or if she just thought it was punny, but it seemed fitting for this post!

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